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Safety advice

No electrical system should be considered ‘Safe’ for use until it has been Tested and Inspected.

All electrical systems deteriorate with age and use.

We cannot stress enough that electrical systems should be tested on a regular basis, to ensure safety.


Examples of unsafe electrics
Examples of unsafe electrics
Keep your electrical systems safe

Defective wiring and appliances cause a number of fires in homes around the country. Injuries, and in severe cases death, are the result of these fires.

Wire on fire

Experience has taught us that there are a substantial number of buildings that require some type of electrical repair, the older homes are particularly prevalent in this regard.

We recommend that all homes are checked at least every 10 years as a minimum, and also advise home purchasers obtain an electrical check as part of the purchase process – a simple clause in the initial agreement is suffice.

Safety Checklist

As a guide use the check list below which may alert you to any problems.
  • Is your building more than 15 years old?
  • When was it last Inspected?
  • Are power points overloaded with multi boxes etc?
  • Do you feel heat from any plugs or leads?
  • Do fuses or circuit breakers trip regularly?
  • Do your lights flicker or vary in brightness?
  • Has any electrical work been completed by amateurs?
  • Do you have any electrical appliances that are used outside?
We recommend that you get a registered electrician to check your electrical systems.

Any questions or concerns?
Please contact us and we can ensure your home or business electrical systems are safe.

We can perform upgrades of existing industrial and commercial electrical systems. This is especially critical for those whose systems have been in use for several years now and may require upgrading to accommodate their new electrical requirements.

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